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Birmingham Amputation Injury Attorney

Some of the most serious injuries a person can face are crush and amputation injuries. These injuries are often caused by auto accidents and workplace accidents, particularly ones involving construction sites, factories, and machinery. Crush injuries often result in severe damage to not only bones, but muscles, nerves, skin, and organs. In severe cases, a crush victim may require amputation. They could also become paralyzed or die. A Birmingham amputation attorney can help you with medical treatment, rehabilitation, and vocational training so you can adjust to your new life.

Types of Amputations

While most amputations involve the lower limbs, any part of the body can be amputated in an accident. Here are some of the more common types of amputation:

  • Arm amputation
  • Leg amputation
  • Toe amputation
  • Forearm amputation
  • Above-elbow amputation
  • Above-knee amputation
  • Amputation of digits
  • Below-knee amputation
  • Through-knee amputation
  • Metacarpal amputation
  • Partial foot amputation
  • Forequarter amputation

Crush Injuries

Crush injuries often result in broken bones, but can also cause serious complications such as the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Lacerations
  • Nerve injury
  • Increased pressure in an arm or leg
  • Infection

Dealing With Life After Amputation

While having a toe or finger removed may not be a major issue in terms of your everyday life, losing an arm or leg is nothing short of a life-changing injury. You will likely experience mobility issues and have trouble performing basic tasks. An amputation can affect your hobbies as well as your work. You will likely have to transition into a new way of life. You may need assistance with everyday tasks and have to train for a new job.

Amputations require significant medical assistance and treatment. You will require surgery and rehabilitation. The change you will no doubt face will affect you emotionally and physically.

Once your wound heals and you are able to regain strength, the doctor can help prepare the limb for a prosthetic so you can regain mobility and function. A prosthetic can help you walk, lift objects, and do other tasks again.

One-on-one training and group therapy can help you gain the physical and emotional skills you will need to get back to work or engage in your favorite hobbies. While the wound from your amputation should heal within eight weeks, the emotional adjustment will likely take much longer.

Contact a Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer Today

An amputation is a life-changing injury. Living a comfortable, high-quality life while missing a limb is possible, but not easy. It takes a lot of effort, training, therapy, and, of course, money.

If a third party’s negligence led to your crush or amputation injury, seek legal help right away to start the process for financial recovery. The treatment required for such an injury can be lengthy and costly. The Birmingham personal injury lawyers at Goldasich, Vick & Fulk can help you with the claims process so you can get full and fair compensation. Call (205) 731-2566 to schedule a free consultation.

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