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Birmingham Elder Abuse Attorney

As people get older, they tend to suffer from medical conditions. They may suffer from physical or cognitive decline and become unable to care for themselves. When this happens, they often have to live with family members or move into a nursing home.

These living situations are not always ideal though. Sadly, these elderly patients are often neglected or abused. In some cases, they are also financially exploited, robbed of all their money and assets.

Women are most likely to be abused. Those who are frail, depend on others, and suffer from memory problems also face a high risk of abuse.

Many people take advantage of these vulnerable patients for financial gain and other purposes. If your loved one was abused, seek legal help from a Birmingham elder abuse attorney exploitation lawyer who can help you obtain compensation and justice.

Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can happen in various ways, including the following:

  • Physical abuse. When people think of elder abuse, physical abuse is often the first thing that comes to mind. This may include hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, and other types of bodily harm. It may also include restraining a person against their will.
  • Neglect. Neglect can be intentional or accidental. It occurs when a caregiver fails to meet the patient’s needs, which may include food, water, medications, and social needs.
  • Emotional abuse. This type of abuse affects a person psychologically. It may include threats, yelling, insults, name calling, ignoring, and other verbal abuse.
  • Sexual abuse. This type of abuse is on the rise in nursing homes. It occurs when a caregiver touches a patient in a sexual manner. It may or may not include penetration.
  • Financial abuse. Many people take advantage of the finances of elderly people. This may include using bank accounts and credit cards without permission. It may also involve taking government benefits or changing names on legal documents.

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation is a crime under federal law. It refers to illegal use of the money or property of an elderly person or an adult with a disability. This includes theft, fraud, misuse, or concealment.

Exploitation refers to the act of influencing someone to engage in certain activities. An elderly person is someone who is over the age of 60. An adult with a disability is anyone over the age of 18 who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits at least one major life activity.

Contact a Birmingham Elder Abuse/Elder Financial Exploitation Lawyer Today

Unfortunately, the elderly are often exploited by nursing home staff and even their own family members. Many of those who are physically or mentally incapacitated are taken advantage of and abused in many ways.

The Birmingham elder abuse attorneys at Goldasich, Vick & Fulk can help you take action and protect your loved ones. If there is abuse involved, we can hold the liable party responsible for their actions. Call our office at (205) 731-2566 for a free consultation.

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