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Class Action Litigation

At Goldasich, Vick & Fulk, our attorneys play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of class action and mass tort lawsuits across the country. In a class action lawsuit, a large number of people who have suffered similar harm join together to sue another entity, usually a company or organization. These cases may involve consumer fraud or defective products.

With mass tort litigation, each plaintiff, even though hundreds or thousands of people may have been affected, retains his or her own individual lawsuit. Mass tort litigation typically involves defective medical devices and dangerous drugs.

How Can a Class Action Attorney Help?

While your case is pending, our lawyers will be able to navigate the complicated legal system and work with you to ensure your rights are protected . Our commitment is to obtain the maximum verdict or settlement possible. When you trust your case to our team, you can be confident knowing your best interests are our top priority.

Class Action Lawsuits we are Currently Investigating:

Our firm represents groups of clients in state and federal courts who are united by a common injury or injuries attributed to the same defendant.

Our current class action cases and related investigations include matters regarding:

  • Unnecessary medical procedures and surgical treatments
  • Medical premium over-deductions by 3rd party billing administrators
  • Environmental exposure and toxic discharge litigation
  • Hospice and outpatient caregiver Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Fair Labor Standards Act wage and hours violations
  • Customer information privacy and institutional data breaches
  • Risperdal
  • Anti-competitive conduct and price fixing in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation from crowdfunding and investor reimbursements

Dangerous Drug Class Action Lawsuits

Defective Medical Device Class Action Lawsuits

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Get Results

We believe that every case is an important one and that every client deserves personal attention, compassion and an attorney who will fight for your rights. No matter the extent of the injuries or the type of accident that you have been injured in, do not hesitate to get the involvement of an Alabama personal injury attorney from our firm. Contact us today.

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