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Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When an individual is injured as a result of another person’s negligence, he or she generally has the right to sue for personal injury. The same principle applies in cases of fatal accidents, where the surviving family members are entitled to file a claim for wrongful death. Under Code of Alabama §6-5-410 , a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed on the grounds that the death was caused by the wrongful act, omission or negligence of another party. This law limits the amount of time you have to file a claim for wrongful death. You must file a claim within two years from the date of death, or risk being unable to recover damages.

We represent people throughout Alabama who have been seriously injured or killed by the negligent, reckless or intentional actions of others. We understand the physical, emotional and financial hardships that our clients face.

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How are Alabama’s Wrongful Death Laws Different?

In most states, wrongful death laws are written with the purpose of shifting the financial burden of a fatal accident from the surviving family members onto the shoulders of the party who caused the accident. In other states, the surviving family member in a wrongful death case can recover compensation for future income of the decedent, compensation for medical expenses, as well as pain, suffering and mental anguish.

The Alabama wrongful death statute takes a different approach. In our state, you can only recover punitive damages for the death of your loved one. The law is less focused on compensating you for your loss, and more on punishing the person who caused the death.

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